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Backyard Dinner Party Guide

As summer temperatures rise and the light fades later each evening, outside dining is a must, This boho backyard dinner party is elegant and playful and brings together all of the beauty of the season while you're enjoying the company of your guests in a magical setting.

If You're Not Barefoot Then You're overdressed!
We've created an editable & printable (optional) summer dinner party invite, an editable & printable gift tag and an editable & printable dinner menu just for this occasion. Just click on the pictures and start customizing for your dinner party.

Gift Tag



Our curated menu ideas are made up of easy recipes that will get you out of the kitchen and in the backyard with your guests in no time. We put together a list of menu ideas from make ahead appetizers to desserts, leaving the main course to be prepared in the backyard, with the outside bar giving your guests access to help themselves to the beverages.

Transform your backyard into a magical and beautiful space where you can relax and entertain your guests, however when planning your outdoor dining area, cater it around your guest list to ensure there are no physical limitations while keeping the comfort of your guests in mind.
Dining Table Ideas
Wood pallets make a great table for this backyard party, however a picnic table or any table set up in the backyard will work. If you choose to make a dining table for your party here are two ideas to create the look. You could also create the look by stacking pallets on top of each other and next to each other until you get the height and length you want. We call this the no fuss dining option.

Seating Ideas
Before you start you will first need to define your space with a large area rug or layer several smaller rugs on the grass or patio. Every boho backyard needs pillows, blankets and/or rugs for your guests to sit and relax on as they are eating & socializing throughout the evening. Set your table on one large rug, multiple rugs or blankets or display an assortment of smaller rugs around the table with an assortment of pillows for your guests to sit on. If you are using a taller table for your party then gather up your chairs and/or benches and bring them outside to sit around the table. No need to match, any chairs will work. Create seating areas around your backyard for small gathering spots for your guests to mingle after dinner.

Lighting Ideas
Lighting is an easy & inexpensive way to add elegance and ambiance to your backyard party. Walk around your house and gather up lanterns, string lights, candles and anything else you have that will give your party the "glow" you're looking for. Next hang lanterns and string lights in trees or any other area that would work around your backyard. Display candles in gathering areas and on the dining table.

Fresh Flower Ideas
Flowers are the perfect addition to any party and your backyard party is no exception. Add wild flowers to clear glass jars filled with water, wrap twine around the bottles and suspend them from your your trees or display on your dining table. Scatter potted flowers or plants around your party area, giving your party another level of elegance and fun.

Additional Ideas
We love the idea of creating a gathering area around a trendy bohemian style teepee for the perfect photo op for your guests.

When setting your table, keep place settings simple and work with what you already have. If you don't have enough for your dinner party then buy some simple pieces that can be used for future dinner parties. A simple place setting for each guest would be a fork, knife, a large plate with a smaller plate on top with the menu (included in the blueprint) for the meal and a napkin. By each place setting add a small gift (natural soy candle, homemade jam, dream catcher, etc.) with gift tag (included in the blueprint) for each of your guests to remember the evening by.

We absolutely love this signage utilizing a pallet. If you choose to create an outside bar area, you could use this to display bar menu, use it for an additional dinner menu or utilize it to guide your guests to the party location in your backyard. It is too cute of an idea not to use it we think.


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