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Cocktail Party Guide

We bring together our favorite resources and inspiration to host a fun evening for you and your friends.

As winter slowly fades, temperatures rise and the light fades later in the evening, outside entertaining is a must with a few extra layers of course!

This cocktail party is inspired by casual happy hours with friends and the simplicity and beauty of a new season.

We've created an editable & printable spring cocktail party invite just for this occasion. Click on the picture and start customizing for your party.

Our collection of easy to make cheese, charcuterie & dessert boards & spring cocktails
Add gourmet all ready made items (pastel macaroons, prepared jams & jellies, chocolates & candies)
If you do want to add something homemade small loaves of bread is a nice touch
Create multiple boards and set around your party area to encourage mingling
Set out the dessert boards later in the party with coffee
Set up a bar area to give your guests access to help themselves
Take cheese out about an hour before you plan on serving it for best flavor

Our collection of inspiration & easy ideas for your spring party
Gather chairs and/or benches and tables and bring them outside
Create seating areas around your backyard for small gathering spots for your guests to mingle
Lighting is an easy & inexpensive way to add elegance and ambiance to your backyard party
Add wild flowers to clear glass jars filled with water and display around your party area
Scatter potted flowers or plants around your party area, giving your party another level of elegance and fun

    Our spring cocktail playlist is a collection of easy listening and fun background music for your party.


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