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Springtime at the Ranch

Where can you explore over 900 acres of trails with breathtaking views, enjoy farm to table meals prepared by Chef Doug and his culinary team and relax around an oversized firepit with your family and friends, roasting housemade s'mores while enjoying the panoramic views of the Cascade Mountain Range?

The Brasada Ranch in Bend, Oregon is in the running to be the number #1 Resort in the Continental U.S. in 2021, ranked #1 on Conde Nast Traveler's Best Resorts in the Pacific Northwest 2014, 2015 & 2016 and Tavel & Leisure's "Top 10 Best Resort Hotels in the West" in 2017 so to say this destination is kind of a big deal is an understatement.

So what makes this resort a big deal you ask ... well it could be the numerous signature experiences it hosts throughout the year, like Cowboy Cookouts and The Fresh Produce Farm Stand, or it may be the magnificient views whether your atop of a horse or around the oversized firepit enjoying homemade s'mores with your family, or could it be the views of the cascade mountains from your table while enjoying seasonal meals prepared by Chef Doug & his culinary team and grown by the farmer down the road? Oh wait we almost forgot to mention the dog friendly guest cabins with plenty of room to roam. We think it's all of those things and more which is why this resort is our top pick for bringing something unique and different to the table. Most resorts are just a place to stay while you explore a destination, however Brasada Ranch is "the" destination, which means you wouldn't even need to leave the resort during your stay unless you wanted to. We wanted to feature this destination in our Spring Issue for places to go explore in spring, however with everything this destination has to offer any season would be a perfect time to visit. For more information visit Brasada Ranch.


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