Welcome To Clearwater & Clearwater Beach

"One of the five underrated food cities on the East Coast”

by USA Today

Clearwater is nestled between Tampa Bay to the east and Clearwater Harbor to the west and nearly every day of the year is sunny along Florida’s Gulf of Mexico coast. You will find a thriving craft beer scene and innovative culinary offerings, not to mention its beautiful waterfronts and artsy culture, and to explore Clearwater Beach cross the architecturally unique Memorial Causeway Bridge.

Come for the beaches, but stay for the unique mix of shopping, dining and live entertainment Clearwater’s revitalized downtown area has to offer. The Cleveland Street District, sits atop a 30 foot bluff overlooking the beautiful Clearwater Harbor and Marina, provides a stunning backdrop for a variety of concerts, festivals, and exhibits that delight throughout the year.

Don't miss the daily Sunsets at Pier 60 Festival, in Clearwater Beach which features street performers, arts/crafts vendors and live music, 364 days a year and starts two hours before sunset and lasts two hours after the sun goes down.

Glimpse Into Clearwater & Clearwater Beach Culinary Scene

Clearwater is home to a wide variety of dining options and culinary experiences from fine dining to relaxed beachside cuisine, but is most known for its fresh selection of Gulf Coast seafood, especially the Grouper Sandwich, a local favorite. Open-air dining overlooking the water provides the perfect chance to catch the incredible Clearwater sunset while elegant candlelight dinners are the perfect counterpart to casual beachside days. Dining cruises in the Intracoastal and out in the Gulf of Mexico are a wonderful way to explore the gorgeous area while enjoying a delicious dinner.

Stretching from Tarpon Springs to St. Pete, about an hour’s drive in all, is the St. Pete/Clearwater Craft Beer Trail, a collection of more than 35 craft breweries. Along the trail, you’ll find homegrown breweries offering artisanal beers brewed on site. Each brewery has its unique charms, so be sure to sign up for a tour and a tasting to talk with the brewmasters.

Clearwater & Clearwater Beach is the perfect culinary destination if the sounds of the waves, seafood, beach life and beer is your happy place and is calling your name and if you're lucky, you may witness the legendary ‘green flash’ phenomenon, a bright green flash of light that appears just as the sun sets over the horizon!


Food, Wine & Events in and around Clearwater & Clearwater Beach
Experience - Clearwater Beach Restaurant Week September is a 10 day long culinary celebration offering ‘foodies’ an opportunity to experience top-notch dining and casual cuisine

Event - Savor St. Pete November brings a weekend of great food, wine, and microbrews.


Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails is a coffee shop by day and craft cocktail bar by night. Check out their events.

Clearwater & Clearwater Beach Tastings & Tours

Check out our food tasting, cruises and luxury tours in and around Clearwater & Clearwater Beach.


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