Chocolate Avocado Truffles

Chocolate Avocado Truffles


2 cups dark chocolate, melted, 65% or higher (reserve 2 tbsp)

⅔ cup mashed avocado (about 1 large avocado)

3 tbsp chopped pistachio (reserve 1 tbsp)

1 tbsp honey

½ tsp vanilla extract

½ tsp salt

2 tbsp cocoa powder, for rolling


Melt chocolate on a double boiler or in microwave. Reserve 2 tbsp. Fold in 2 tbsp chopped pistachios. Mash avocado with a fork in a large bowl. Add melted chocolate to avocado bowl, combine using a hand mixer. Let chill in fridge about 20 minutes.

Scoop with a tbsp sized ice cream scoop and roll into balls, your hands will get messy. Roll in cocoa powder. Drizzle over reserved melted chocolate. Top with chopped remaining chopped pistachio.