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Staci Giovino - Carmel's Food Expert

Staci Giovino, founder of Carmel Food Tours started her women owned and operated company due to her love for the outdoors, food and wine back in 2012. Since then her company has become tripadvisors #1 Activity to do in Carmel. Shortly after arriving in Carmel from Colorado Staci started working on a solution to her "where to eat" problem in Carmel. Researching the most interesting and delicious options available in the community, while studying the history Staci has created the best "behind the scenes" and “off-the-beaten-path” food and cultural experiences not only in Carmel but in the U.S this is a "must do" when you are in Carmel by the Sea.

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the river road wine trail

The River Road Wine Trail

The River Road Wine Trail is an association of Monterey County winery tasting rooms, located primarily along the River Road / Foothill Road corridor, on the Santa Lucia Highlands bench above the Salinas Valley. Charming and intimate, these tasting rooms specialize in limited release vintages and genuine hospitality. Often, visitors will be sampling with the actual winemaker. Conveniently situated just east of Monterey and Carmel, and about seventy minutes south of San Jose, the River Road Wine Trail has become one of the Central Coast’s premiere wine touring destinations.

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Discover Old World Taste & White Sand Beaches

With a Mediterranean climate, white sand beaches and charming courtyards and secret passageways it is no surprise Carmel by the Sea, California was rated the "#3 Best City for Romance in the World" by Travel & Leisure. This charming village located on the Pacific Coast, about 330 miles north of Los Angeles and 120 miles south of San Francisco has no streetlights, no sidewalks except in the downtown commercial district and houses have names instead of street numbers. Founded in 1771, the clear vision of the one-square-mile village was not realized until the beginning of the 20th century.

In 1892 Abbie Jane Hunter, a San Francisco based Real Estate Investment Company took over the land from Samuel Duckworth whose vision was to create a Catholic resort town. A promotional brochure went out around 1890 promoting Carmel City as a “Catholic Summer Resort” however once the speculations of the Southern Pacific Railroad extending their tracks to Carmel City was deemed untrue the vision of the Catholic resort town quickly faded. Once it was in the hands of Abbie Jane Hunter she sent out a mass mailing postcard promoting Carmel City as "Carmel by the Sea", an ideal summer resort and from that time on new homes were built and families were making the little village their home and references to Carmel City or a Catholic Resort were gone and Carmel by the Sea was born.

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carmel valley ranch california


Carmel Valley Ranch is located in California's Santa Lucia Moutains and has been a favorite getaway spot for decades because of its amazing 500 acre playground and unique experiences. You can play 18 holes of world-class golf, access hundreds of miles of hiking trails, wander around an organic garden, learn about honey bees in an apiary, explore the hillside vineyard, enjoy mountain-top yoga, relax by your choice of pools and end your evening with s'mores around the campfire (no matter how old you are) all within walking distance of your suite.

Within the 500 acre playground you will meet some Amazing A-List culinary creators like Tim Wood, Executive Chef who began his culinary career in the Catskills region of New York's Hudson Valley and brought with him to Carmel Valley his knowledge of sustainable and organic farming. And don't let me forget to mention voted "Best Chef in Monterey County" two years in a row by the Monterey County Weekly's 2015 and 2016 Readers Polls

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California Wine & Cheese Pairing

Wine and Food Pairing is the art of choosing a wine that will enhance the flavor of a meal but before we grab that bottle of wine we first need to understand some basics when it comes to bringing out the best of both the wine and the food. A couple of things to remember whites usually pair well with light colored meats and reds pair well with dark colored meats. Sweet wines pair well with sweet dishes, match the wine color with the sauce color in your dish and last but not least pair regionally sourced food and wines together and you will never go wrong with your pairings.

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tours from San Francisco


The magnificent Monterey Peninsula has been called the greatest meeting of land, sea and sky and is recognized as an ideal vacation destination. The bay is south of the major cities of San Francisco and San Jose. The county-seat city of Santa Cruz is located at the north end of the bay. The city of Monterey is on the Monterey Peninsula at the south end.

All of the tours will have you cruising along the rugged coast hugging Highway 1 past sea cliffs and windswept cypress trees, glimpsing the coastal mansions of Pebble Beach and exploring Monterey Cannery Row and the boutiques of Carmel By The Sea.

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